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Fox Symes Quarterly Debt Poll Research

15 December 2015

The Fox Symes Quarterly Debt Poll is a national poll produced quarterly by GA Research for Fox Symes & Associates which examines Australians' attitude to debt and changes in the levels and causes of personal debt.

Issue no.1 September 2006: 

Key Findings

  1. Around 80% of Australians say the level of household debt in this country is a serious problem.
  2. Almost one in four Australians (23%) think their financial situation has worsened in the last three months.
  3. Australians are more worried about not having enough money to pay their bills than they are about being a victim of a violent crime.

To download the September 2006 research, click here.

Issue no.2 December 2006: 

The number of people who are no worried about "falling deep into debt from paying interest rates on mortgage" has increased markedly since September (up from 25% to 35%).

Overall, respondents indicated that only "getting a serious illness" was a greater worry than "not having a financially secure retirement" and "not having enough money to pay the bills".

To download the December 2006 research, click here.

Issue no.3 March 2007: 

When considering whether the change in financial situation has affected their own level of debt, one in six Australians believe it has increased, 17% believe it has decreased and two in three (67%) believe it has stayed the same.

To download the March 2007 research, click here.

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