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Reviews are very important. We suggest you review the product review web site and see what people say about us. These are honest reviews and we have no control over peoples feedback and comments. So please read them and make your own decision.

Below are some testimonials from very satisfied customers:

I fell into a large debt cycle with a number of unsecured loans and credit cards totalling over $45000. With the amount of money I was receiving from work each week I was having a lot of trouble paying the creditors on top of all the other expenses I had, and I was receiving a number of threatening phone calls from creditors asking for payments. I thought to myself - I need help! So I contacted Fox Symes, and after having a lengthy phone conference with them and the creditors and filling out numerous forms, I entered into a Part IX Debt Agreement with acceptance from Fox Symes and the creditors to pay off the debt over 4 years. Now 4 years has gone, I can't believe I have paid all that money and now I am Debt Free! Thank you Fox Symes for all your help!. With the extra money I have now I have started a savings plan for a 2 week holiday that I am going to do in the future. Kurt Gowell - Ipswich, QLD
When my wife lost her job we thought we would be okay at first but we weren't. We fell behind in our repayments and the calls from our creditors wouldn't stop. We went to Fox Symes and after looking at our options we both entered into a debt agreement. The phone calls have stopped, we know exactly what we have to pay each week and we will be debt free in four years. Now that's a positive outcome. William and Jenny - Toowoomba QLD
I earn a good income, so I couldn't understand why I always ran out of cash before my next pay. Something was wrong so I called Fox Symes to see if they could help. I soon found out I was spending far more than I earn. I have been using the Fox Symes budget for 6 months and I am finally saving money. I have real cash in the bank. I'm impressed. George - Fremantle WA
Fox Symes negotiated an informal arrangement with my credit card providers. My payments are reduced and the interest is frozen for three months. This will help me get back on my feet. Judy - North Fitzroy VIC
I called Fox Symes because I thought I could do better with my home loan. They found a home loan which offered a lower interest rate. I am $185 better off each week. Thank you Fox Symes. George - Lane Cove NSW
I lost my job, I found another one but it pays less and I began to struggle to even meet the minimum monthly repayments on my credit cards. Thankfully I spoke with Fox Symes and they helped to arrange a debt consolidation loan. I am now paying less than I was before and can start to work towards being debt free. Peter - Campbelltown NSW
As a family we were doing very well. We were paying off our house, we had our cars and the kids were happy. Then I lost my job and Jen's hours were reduced. Things spiraled out of control. We had to face facts - something had to be done. We called Fox Symes - we filed for bankruptcy. We found someone who could help us through that black period and they treated us with respect and dignity. We are on our way to recovering. Ben - Croydon NSW
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